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mizuki_h's Journal

27 May
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Name: Mizuki Hajime
Journal: Will create later ☺
Age: Oh god, maths. He’s a third year, so I’m guessing 22?
Host type: The masked type
Reason to host: Mizuki is desperate to be one of the glitterati; unfortunately he’s been out of Japan and has found that he now knows no one of any significance. He figures (rather naïvely) hosting might be a good introduction to Tokyo’s young movers and shakers. Plus he gets paid to drink and gossip, which he enjoys.

Appearance: Not greatly changed. A little taller (hovering around the 5’8” mark now) and his clothing is a little less in-your-face (although he’s still fond of roses) and a little more professionally styled.

Personality: On the surface he is a camp, shallow and selfish little attention seeker; a schemer who tries to ingratiate himself with whomever he deems to be the brightest and best to the expense of everyone else and makes himself unpopular as a result. This is largely true. Despite the pomp and pride he has for the Mizuki name, however, he comes from humble agricultural origins in rural Yamagata, a fact he takes great care to keep concealed. Ironically this is completely needless as no one is remotely interested in his past, which irks him even more. Despite the delicate clothes and occasional squealing, he works hard (particularly when no ones looking to comment on it), maintaining his workout regimes amongst other chores. He’s observant and has a particular talent for reading people. Mizuki isn’t necessarily a joy to work with, being rather bossy, opinionated and a know-it-all, but he is diligent if not a perfectionist and since the Yuuta incident, he does try to do the right thing by other people (even if he causes them trouble by meddling in the first place). Under all the bluster is the deep insecurity that he will never fit in and he has ended up creating a farce of his idea of ‘the popular boy’ in an effort to quash it; his chief tragedy is that he no longer realizes that this only makes him less likeable.

History: High school rather ruined tennis for Mizuki; a third year held the manager position for the team and Mizuki found himself becoming an increasingly redundant member, having dedicated too much of junior high to his teams development and not enough to his own tennis. After a number of incidents he gradually withdrew from the club, save for acting as support for his old teammates. At university he studied Linguistics and International Business, putting his data skills to good use. He spent much of this time in Europe, interning in Paris, Milan and London, co-incidentally in time for fashion week. When his visa expired he returned to Tokyo and found a highly paid part-time job at a museum (Thanks in part to his father’s social network). He spends much of his time translating paperwork, interpreting for guests and arranging exchanges with foreign museums. He finds the work isolating and dull most of the time, but he’s contracted in for at least a year.