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I found something ~interesting~<3<3

 Yukimura Seiichi, pantomime dame?Collapse )

You know, I even said to someone recently that drag could be ok, if it's done right. I mean, points for effort on the stuffing, and the waist is impressively cinched, but really just ewwww~ it's like a wannabe can-can dancer mated with a toilet roll cover. 

(ooc: Pic done and supplied by Anna, your friendly neighbourhood crack dealer. XD)

Feb. 18th, 2011

 Seems like everyone's sharing their favourite music lately, so I thought why not include mine?

It's different from American rock at least. 


 So~ I seem to find myself in possession of a rather lovely tie.  And by 'lovely' I mean 'cheap' and 'plain'. Nonetheless, it has come to my attention that someone is rather desperate to get it back.

Should said owner wish to reclaim his tie, I should gladly return it to him forthwith...

.... providing he fulfills one ~eensey-weensey~ little condition.

Namely that he both impresses and amuses me first. dance monkey, dance!

I'll be waiting tomorrow evening, at 4pm.
Hope to see you there!

PS: Failure to impress and amuse, or otherwise wimp out and refuse to show up at all will tell me you don't really want the tie back after-all, and then, I'm afraid fashion conscious as I am, I won't be able to permit it to exist anymore.

In other words: 


Feb. 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine's day.
So... the word's out that you should be careful walking alone at night around Shinjuku. Sensible advice anyway,  but there was an assault in san-chome last weekend. 

Feb. 1st, 2011

 Ok, seriously, how the hell do straight men communicate? I refuse to partake in knuckle-headed arm-punching in lieu of actual verbal exchange, but i mean, is there a trick to it or something? I just don't get it. 

Well I'm thoroughly bored of my apartment. Off to Zaza's~~<3 


(ooc: strikes deleted yah?)
 We had no less than eight archeology professors visiting the museum last week, for a seminar or such like. All utterly brilliant men in their fields, from all over the globe,  whom I have professional respect for. 

And to a man, all the sort who may have written upwards of twenty books, but are equally likely to forget to have packed any trousers, or turn up three hours late having been sidetracked by a pot plant. 

Or in one heart in mouth instance, turn up happily going through the skull index in the basement, when everyone thought he'd gone home 14 hours ago. 

(actually, I think he might still be here... somewhere.)
 Why is it that half you lazy bums are still in school? Am I seriously the only one who's already graduated? 


Jan. 28th, 2011

 Roses: Still nothing, but the cour du ballet hellebores have started to open up. I can see a slither of pinkish white on the buds now.

Mmm~ I should surely ~do~ something today, but I’m so far ahead of my schedule already, it seems silly to do anything more. I am sorely tempted to have a little flutter towards the turquoise rococo tea set Christies is auctioning, but the going price is 83,381 yen, and more to the point, it’s not a complete set.

On the other hand, I am sorely tempted to just lay around the house in these gorgeous sunbeams and catch up with my reading. I’m totally in love with a fan of Aramis; he’s so clever. Too bad for him that he’s surrounded by morons.

And has pretty hands, apparently. ~nfu~