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May. 28th, 2011


Judging by state of apartment, it was a very happy birthday to me after all. kahlkghalkhkgalh ... I love drunk me; I not only made waffle batter at 4 am I also wrote the names and addresses of everyone passed out in my apartment on their chests so I know who they are. 

(Strikes Deleted)

May. 25th, 2011

alkhpahipjPOJMHHNNM I just... this icon doesn't even half-way express what I'm feeling right now.

This weekend was supposed to be awesome; it's my birthday and now.... I thought everything was going so well this time. Like he really loved me and i finally got it right. Can't stop crying. 

Akazawa are you there, please, I really need a friend.

(ooc: So as Niou's dropped, the scenario is that Mizuki's been dating an as yet unamed chap he met in a bar, who has, like many of his previous boyfriends, transpired to be a total A-hole. ^^' He will be quiet at the events and not like his usual sparkly self if any of your characters notice him hiding in the corner.)

Stop sending me spastic messages and TELL ME EVERYTHING.

Also I have cannelloni from a new restaurant I found, which you should try.

NO LOVE, you gossip-tease,


Apr. 14th, 2011

How very, very perculiar.

It turns out that the princesses who requested me for the China event weren't responsible for my costume. Which begs the question... who was?

If that was meant to be one of your horsemen, Oshitari, I must say I'm dissapointed.
 Right, well that's China over and done with. *Exhausted*. Onwards to Hawaii tonight! 

Akazawa, are you still performing? I'm looking forward to it~ I might even wear that shirt. 
 Oh. My. Goodness, ladies, is it true? I can't believe you've all been keeping so schtum for the last fortnight about this~ very well played. 

For the rest of you, so I ~just~ heard from one of the Princesses, that there is some really interesting notations up in one of the ladies washrooms, which if true, well, Fuji, let me be the first to offer my sympathy and commiseration's. Rest assured I won't pick on you and your tiny skirt again, because clearly you're already suffering enough.

And Oishi, I'm stunned. Honestly stunned.  You're too much of a good boy to assume that those figures are anything other than unexcited as well~ sacre bleu!

(ooc: See Oishi's last journal entry if this makes no sense to you XD)
 Oh Fuji~

Your passion is admirable, but did you have to give me such an obvious love bite? Everyone's been asking about it. I must say it was certainly the most interesting confession I've ever received. 

I return, and I bring presents!

You'll find them in your lockers. I hope you like them. It was an awfully busy week, and I am now frankly less fond of deserts than I was to begin with, which is to say that I dislike them intensely. On the other hand, the caves were breath-taking and I rather enjoyed seeing them; I wouldn't have had a chance otherwise, they're not open to the public. 

Sadly we had barely a day in Rio while we waited for connecting flights. 

Anyway, tl;dr, Argentina is lovely, and certainly one of the more exotic places I've been to, although I have to say, some of the locals were disturbingly reminiscent of some of the faces around here, (note the beauty mark?):

Rather similar in personality as well, I must say. 

(ooc: Souvenirs are dulce de leche themed sweets, except for the following: Sakaki, Akutsu and An get a bottle of wine each, Yuuta, Niou and Akazawa get gaucho cowboy hats.)

Mar. 2nd, 2011

I love my job. My other job, I mean, because guess who's jetting off to South America for a few days?

Me!  It's going to be fabulous! We're even going via Rio.

Alas, I can't take you all with me and we're heading off to see some caves in the desert (which I must admit, i'm not so crazy about alhgaklghaglh harsh sunlight, I'm going to fry. :C) so I probably will be on radio silence. Either way, I'm going to be gone for a few days. Try not to miss me too much. 

Will bring you all souvenirs! xx

(ooc: In actuality, much less exciting. Laptop is getting thrown at apple for fixing and I only have an old dell to work with...) 

ETA: I have internet via the dell, but it's very slow, so I don't think I'll be making too many journal comments. I'm available on AIM however, and I'll try and get docs up too. ^^ Bear with me!

Feb. 25th, 2011

 A few people here seem to be laboring under the impression that I have the worst taste in clothing out of the whole of the Host Club.

Finally, I have evidence to the contrary, because this, this is pretty much beyond me, in all it's neon Frankenstein's monsterous glory. 

Bakazawa's Shirt. Collapse )

lhalskhgalh it's got CARS on it.



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